Talks Joker 2019

Josh Long Pivotal
Josh Long

Bootiful testing

Join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) as he looks at how to test Spring applications and services.

Mark Heckler Pivotal
Mark Heckler

Building Reactive Pipelines: How to go from scalable apps to (ridiculously) scalable systems

The presenter discusses & demonstrates how Project Reactor builds on reactive streams to help you create performant & scalable reactive microservices; message brokers & streaming platforms like RabbitMQ & Apache Kafka; and how Spring Cloud Stream leverages Reactor to provide fully reactive pipelines for system-wide (ridiculous!) scalability.

Stephen Chin Oracle
Stephen Chin

Decrypting tech hype for the busy coder

Come hear straight talk about the latest trends such as blockchain, chatbots, serverless, CD pipelines, AI, and machine learning. In 45 minutes you will know more than your average redditor, and you can shut down tweet-driven development in your workplace once and for all.

Juergen Hoeller Pivotal
Juergen Hoeller

Spring Framework 5.2: Core container revisited

This talk focuses on core facilities for optimized application architectures in modern deployment environments, with support for Java as well as Kotlin, as a foundation for higher-level features in Spring Data and Spring Boot.

Sergey Kuksenko Oracle
Sergey Kuksenko

Does Java need "inline" types? What project Valhalla can bring to Java from a narrow view of performance engineer

We will talk about which performance benefits value types bring to Java and how we could exploit it.

Baruch Sadogursky JFrog
Baruch Sadogursky

DevOps for (or versus?!) developers

We'll discuss why developers need (or need not) DevOps.

Oleg Nenashev CloudBees
Oleg Nenashev

War Story: How we were implementing Java support in Jenkins

This is the story about how we were implementing Java support in Jenkins — one of the most popular automation servers for CI/CD. This talk's purpose is to show what problems we encountered in big real-life Maven project and how we solved them. This talk doesn't concern Jenkins in and of itself, rather it's aimed at developers planning to switch to Java 11.