Efficient microservices in the NoSQL world

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In Odnoklassniki users' requests are served by more than 200 kinds of unique NoSQL services. Lots of those services combine business logic with the Cassandra fault-tolerant distributed database in one JVM process. It allows us to build high-load services managing hundreds of billions of records with millions of operations per second.

In this talk, we'll cover the advantages of combining business logic with database, discuss how this technique affects reliability and accessibility of services and how it allowed us to make our services considerably faster.

But not every database can be used for this technique. We'll dwell upon which databases can and cannot be embedded into your next microservice.

Oleg Anastasiev
Oleg Anastasiev

Oleg Anastasyev started his career in computer programming in 1995. He developed banking, telecom, public transportation software as well as software for the government of Latvia. Oleg is a leading developer at Odnoklassniki since 2007. His primary responsibilities as a Platform Team member are development of architectures and solutions for highly loaded as well as big data services, solving performance and availability problems. His last successful projects include NewSQL ACID compliant distributed fault-tolerant database and private cloud system to help manage the whole fleet of Odnoklassniki machines.