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Kafka on Kotlin Native: Java Dev's adventures in Kotlin Native Wonderland

  • Talk in Russian

In the talk, the author talks about his experience in writing Kafka client on Kotlin Native.In particular, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Kafka client and what are its main functions?
  • Why did you need to write Kafka client on Kotlin Native?
  • What problems and tasks arise when creating c-interop with a native library?
  • How not to break the brain of an unclouded Java Dev when working with coroutines and what is their feature in Kotlin Native.
  • How to organize a Kotlin MPP project on gradle so that everything works.

At the end, a demo will be shown in which this client is used as a library.

  • #c_interop
  • #coroutines
  • #kafka
  • #kotlin native


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