"Simply reactive" with Vert.x, Mutiny, Hibernate Reactive and Quarkus

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"Reactive is complicated". We often hear that asynchronous programming and reactive are complicated. It is still required to build efficient services and increase deployment density on your infrastructure. Less squandered resources save operational costs.

We will explore the proven reactive toolkit Vert.x and the use of its reactive relational databases drivers. We will use Mutiny, a novel intuitive and navigable reactive programming library where a Ph.D. in functional programming is not required.

We will then use Hibernate Reactive to leverage the object-relational mapping power offered by Hibernate technologies for more than a decade. After this end-to-end journey in the reactive world, we will finally see how to use all of them in a Quarkus application.


Julien Ponge
Red Hat

Dr Julien Ponge is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on reactive and the Eclipse Vert.x, Quarkus and SmallRye Mutiny projects.