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Working with information systems architecture in our changing world

  • Talk in Russian
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To adapt to the high speed of change in the world around us, development has moved from "waterfall" to Agile methodologies. This has increased the speed at which the first prototype systems emerge, but it has also seriously increased the risks that full versions of such systems cannot meet all the key functional and non-functional requirements. There are requirements for load, for security, for reliability, for ease of expansion, and more.

A good way to mitigate such risks is to work out system architectures. Often a compromise version of such study is chosen, so that the development would not take too long, but the key architectural decisions to manifest and consciously accept.

On the example of one of the systems design, the speakers will tell about how Sportmaster Lab works with the system architectures both on the stage of primary system design, and on the stage of systems development in product teams.