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Spring and React with Kotlin: full stack's phantom pain

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Andrey will talk about his experience in writing the SAVE ecosystem for benchmarking code analyzers. Initially, for its creation, the authors chose seemingly standard stacks: Spring Boot WebFlux, S3, Docker, Kubernetes, React. But then something went wrong, and the application was written entirely in Kotlin instead of Java: Kotlin/JVM, Kotlin/JS, and even a little Kotlin/Native. 
This talk will talk about what came out of that, why a full-stack developer might experience phantom pains in Kotlin, and why you don't want to go back to Java.

We'll also talk about Kotlin MPP and whether it's really convenient when the whole application is a monolith written in the same language with a common part. Bonus: a lyrical part about backenders becoming fullstacks thanks to Kotlin, and discovering Spring on Kotlin.

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