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T1 is a diversified holding company, one of the leaders of the Russian IT market, a partner of key manufacturers and developers in the field of information technologies. It has 18,000 employees. In 2022, the holding's turnover amounted over 166.7 billion rubles. According to analytical agencies CNews Analytics, TAdviser and RAEX, T1 is among the top 3 largest Russian IT companies. The holding includes the following clusters: T1 (T1 Integration, T1 Consulting, T1 Cloud, Servionica), MultiKarta, Innotech, Datatech and NOTA, whose product is the Sfera platform.

Sfera is a technology solutions production platform that includes more than 40 tools for managing software development, testing, operation, as well as engineering tools for working with source code and tools for monitoring workstations and analyzing business processes.