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Let's Write in Idiomatic Kotlin

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It is often said that Kotlin is a "syntactic sugar" for Java. But most of those who say so do not know that there are actually two different Kotlin languages. One of them is "better Java", which allows you to write code in Java in a more convenient way. The second one is discovered by people who have written in Kotlin for six months or more. That's Idiomatic Kotlin.

In this workshop, we will try to understand the difference. And we will do it in practice by taking the examples of code you sent in Java and other languages (provided that the speaker will be able to read the language), try to rewrite them in Idiomatic Kotlin and discuss the differences.

We will collect code examples in the chat room beforehand and make them as much as possible idiomatic Kotlin code. Examples are not required to be a fully working code, as long as they show a complete structure.


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