Talk type: Partner’s BoF-session

"Good and not-so-good" practices for recruiting and mentoring developers

  • Talk in Russian

At the BoF, in contrast to talks and roundtables, there is no division into participants and presenters: here everyone interacts with each other as equals. The main thing is not to off-topic and discuss the topic.

Every manager recruiting or developing a development team almost always faces the choice which of the people he will "invest" in at any given time, based on the fact that resources are limited. Having traveled this road many times, putting together teams from small (2-4 people) to large (100+), the speakers have accumulated experience and want to share their opinion on the following questions:

  • What knowledge and qualities are important to a developer now?
  • How do you know that you are a good specialist in the market?
  • What exactly should not be done, and what rules of behavior should not be followed?