Talks Joker 2021

Josh Long VMware
Josh Long

Bootiful Spring GraphQL

Josh will look at how to build data gateways for every clients' needs with Spring GraphQL.

Aleksey Shipilev Red Hat
Aleksey Shipilev
Red Hat 

Java objects inside out

In this talk, we'll try to look inside Java objects and see what lies in them. After that many tricks in the objects, footprint should become clear, as well as some features of runtimes, and it will be obvious what can be exploited forlow-lever purposes.

Leonid Startsev JetBrains
Leonid Startsev

How to evolve your Kotlin library painlessly for clients

The talk about tools and best practices for maintaining compatibility and API evolution.

Fedor Sazonov Sber
Fedor Sazonov
Ilya Sazonov Vsegda.Da
Ilya Sazonov

Antipattern orisnull: the Intrigue of illusory simplicity

We will discuss orisnull antipattern, which, if applied easily puts most of RDBMS on their knees. How Spring Data pushes developers to use the pattern, why it is wrong to use it and how to use code generation to make orisnull harmless.

Karin-Aleksandra Monoid
Karin-Aleksandra Monoid

Extending kotlinx.serialization functionality with Arrow Meta

In this talk we will talk about the project setup, the Arrow Meta library features, and we'll take a look at the real use-case of adding a global naming strategy to kotlinx.serialization.

Roman Kennke Red Hat
Roman Kennke
Red Hat 

Project Lilliput: Shrinking object headers in the Hotspot JVM

This talk introduces Project Lilliput which aims to reduce Hotspot's header size to 64 bit or even less. A deep dive into JVM technology is guaranteed.

Geoffrey De Smet Red Hat
Geoffrey De Smet
Red Hat 

AI maintenance scheduling with OptaPlanner on Quarkus

Learn how to solve an NP-hard logistics optimization problem, such as maintenance scheduling, with OptaPlanner and Quarkus in Java.

Dmitry Chuyko BellSoft
Dmitry Chuyko

Going beyond the container — compact and fast containers with (and without) native image

Dmitry will talk about minimalistic Alpine Linux, full support for which was recently implemented for both OpenJDK and GraalVM.

Erik Österlund Oracle
Erik Österlund

Concurrent thread-stack processing in the Z Garbage Collector

The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) goal was to not exceed 10 ms pause times. But after achieving this goal Oracle wanted more. You'll learn more during this session.

Nikita Povarov JetBrains
Nikita Povarov
Roman Poborchy JetBrains
Roman Poborchy

Self-writing code

What's under the hood for programs that write their code? What are they lacking to do the job of a programmer? How will the development industry change because of these programs, and will it change at all soon? Is it time to be afraid of artificial intelligence, which will enslave us all? Nikita and Roman will try to answer all these questions during the session.

Evgeny Borisov EPAM
Evgeny Borisov

Technical interview with Evgeny Borisov

Technical interview with Evgeny Borisov.

Pasha Finkelstein JetBrains
Pasha Finkelstein

Spark magic: How high-level pipelines become distributed hardcore

Let's get to know the magic of Spark together with Pasha Finkelstein.

Julien Ponge Red Hat
Julien Ponge
Red Hat 

"Simply reactive" with Vert.x, Mutiny, Hibernate Reactive and Quarkus

We will explore the proven reactive toolkit Vert.x and the use of its reactive relational databases drivers. We will then use Hibernate Reactive to leverage the object-relational mapping power offered by Hibernate technologies for more than a decade. After this end-to-end journey in the reactive world, we will finally see how to use all of them in a Quarkus application.

Matt Raible Okta
Matt Raible

Security patterns for microservice architectures

Are you securing your microservice architectures by hiding them behind a firewall? That works, but there are better ways to do it. This presentation recommends 11 patterns to secure microservice architectures.

Franck Pachot Yugabyte
Franck Pachot

SQL primary key, surrogate key, composite keys, foreign keys... and JPA

In Java, all objects have an identity from their memory address. When persisting them, a key is required. And this is where religious wars start... Natural key? Composite key? Surrogate key? Sequence or UUID? Let's see what they are.

Andres Almiray Oracle
Andres Almiray

JReleaser — releasing at the speed of light

Come to this session to learn how JReleaser can help you release, publish, and announce binaries with ease, and fast!

Aleksander Nozik JetBrains Research
Aleksander Nozik
JetBrains Research 

Architecture of math calculations on Kotlin

With Aleksandr, we'll consider different approaches to math API and their realization in different programming languages (Python, C++, Julia, Java and Kotlin).

Andrey Belyaev Haulmont
Andrey Belyaev

JPA Puzzlers and beyond

In this session, we will have a look at real-life cases that might cause unpredictable results. We'll have a look at Hibernate, Spring, and Lombok and how they work together. There will be magic as well as disclosure. The purpose of the talk is to save a couple of hundreds of men-hours on debugging and search for the root of an issue.

Andrew Dinn Red Hat
Andrew Dinn
Red Hat 

Static Java, GraalVM Native and OpenJDK

This talk will describe the status quo with static (native) Java apps, using GraalVM as an example to highlight both the promise and the potential perils presented by this new model for Java deployment and execution. It will proceed to highlight areas where OpenJDK project Leyden expects to underpin static Java with a precise specification, conformance suite, and reference implementation and detail some of the challenges faced in doing so.

Mark Paluch VMware
Mark Paluch

On the way to Reactive Relational Database Connectivity 1.0

Learn about the evolution of the Reactive Relational Database Connectivity standard, from the idea until reaching 1.0.

Steve Poole Sonatype
Steve Poole

Practical steps for creating safer software (Code included)

Now, more than ever before, understanding your role in designing, building, and deploying safer software is critical. In this session, Steve will take you through the basics. Learn the three principles of software design specifically aimed at creating more secure and robust solutions.

Dmitry Konstantinov Netcracker
Dmitry Konstantinov

Apache Cassandra — threads and memory

The talk is about Apache Cassandra database internals, how does it look like from a Java developer's point of view: how threads are organized, how memory is managing, what data structures are used.

Aleksandr Kozhenkov GridGain
Aleksandr Kozhenkov

Scaling Spring Boot microservices

This talk will cover all the necessary points preventing the horizontal scaling of Spring Boot applications.

Dmitry Bugaychenko Sber
Dmitry Bugaychenko

gRPC client-side load balancing — why, what, how and WTF?

We'll talk about the popular technology for organizing interaction — gRPC. Let's talk about its main features and how to use them, focusing on the issue of load balancing.

Vladimir Ozerov Querify Labs
Vladimir Ozerov
Querify Labs 

Apache Calcite: A platform for building advanced SQL optimizers in Java

Vladimir will talk about Apache Calcite — a project that allows to quickly create powerful cost-based optimizers that surpass in their capabilities the optimizers of any modern DBMS.