Code of Conduct

JUG RU Group conferences are free from any kind of discrimination. Everyone is welcome to attend the company's conferences, regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religious and political opinions.

To make communication at the conference comfortable for everyone, we follow this code of conduct for organizers, participants, and partners.

It is not acceptable at the conference:

  • To show any discrimination or intolerance.
  • To behave in a way that is disrespectful, offensive, or provocative to participants.
  • To discuss publicly any political or national issues in any form or manifestation.
  • To discuss publicly any controversial social events and news that are not related to the scope of the conference.
  • To violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

The restrictions cover both online and offline parts of the conference. They apply to all the performances, sessions, and events, as well as to:

  • Oral and written communication (discussions, social networks, conference chats and other online media).
  • Visual content both in electronic and physical form (home pages, activity descriptions, posts on social media, slides, posters, stands, handouts, clothes.
  • Activities during the conference (business games, networking, gamified content, mementos and corporate souvenirs).

We respect the freedom of conference participants to express opinions and views that do not violate the rules described above. Those who violate these principles may be excluded from the conference without a refund of their ticket.

If you encounter any violations of these rules during the conference, please contact us via email or Telegram support bot. And if this happens offline, you can also contact us in person. Our team wears badges that say "Organizer." The contact number for this case is: +7 (906) 742 44 39.

If after reading this code, you still have questions about the acceptability of certain behavior at the conference, you can contact us for clarification via the same channels.

Safe Harbor Statement

Participants in our conferences decide for themselves how to deal with the knowledge gained from presentations, sessions, website content, and other materials. It is up to them to decide for themselves how to use the knowledge they have received from personal discussions, chats, social networks, and other information sources. JUG Ru Group is not responsible for that.

Our opinions may differ from those of the speakers, experts, round table participants, program committee members, hosts, and other conference participants.