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Alexander Kozlov

Alexander Kozlov

Company: Sbertech

He is a long-time software developer. Started out as a layout designer back when CSS was just starting to tickle everyone's nerves. It took almost seven years to learn the depths of software development on the front end, and then began a period of immersion in the back end. For six years he has been involved in backend development. 
During all this time Alexander was lucky enough to face different tasks and different companies. As a web-developer he created web-sites, CRM and ERP-systems. After web he worked on GameDev ( and high-load system tasks, deeply immersed in optimization of network interactions. After game-dev joined Sberbank, where he has been developing the integration platform for several years now.
Been in the roles of developer (Java, Go, C#, C++), system architect, team leader and product owner.

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